A1 Limousine Service 

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Affordable Luxury Limousine Service 408-568-8666

Terms & Conditions
- Customer will be issued an account number that must be given at time of ordering a limousine 

- All rides are billed to the customer's Business or Corporate credit card .
We accept the following cards : ( Visa , Master Card and American Express ).

- A 20% Gratuity is calculated on the base fare will be billed to all rides.

- all published rates are subject to change without notice.

- $5.00 charge for airport parking with arrival only.

- $10.00 extra charge for early pickup or late arrival between 11:00 PM to 5:30 AM.

- All the charges will be itemized on the billing statement.

*Gate meets*

- The driver will meet you at the baggage terminal and helping you with your luggage.

- The charge for this service is $20.00 .

-If you don't make contact with our driver , Client should call the office immediately .
Please do not leave the airport without contacting us, Failure to contact us will result in a NO 
SHOW fee of the full original amount due plus the gate meet charge .  

- Forty Minutes of free waiting time given on all domestic flights. One hour of free waiting time given 
on all international flights. Waiting time start from the official posted arrival time.

- For all other reservation 10 minutes of free wait time is given , any additional wait time will be 
charged on each minute based on the hourly rate for that particular vehicle.
-Waiting time starting from reservation time   

- Passenger requested stops on route ( NON DETOUR ) during a point to point reservation will be 
charged $20.00 per stop for maximum of 5 minutes after that charge will go to hourly rate.

- Passenger requested extra stop will be charged $15 SAME CITY - $25 DIFFERENT CITY for MAX 
10 Mile .

*Cancellation or no Show*

- Cancellation within 6 hours from scheduled pickup or no show arrival will result a full charge plus 
the 20 % gratuity
( To avoid a no show charge - Please call us  Tel: 408-568-8666 / 650-843-9895 / 925-400-8325


with any change with your flight status.

* A1 Limousine Service claim no responsibility for any lost or damaged baggage or any items left in the vehicle *
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